tro.fwWithin our photographic society, we hold  different types of competitions during the year for our members.

Monthly league Competitions & Photographer Of The Year.

For the monthly league competition and also photographer of the year, members compete against fellow members in the same grade.

Rules for Competitions

The work must be your own from taking of the shot to any editing of image

entries per competition

1 image in colour

1 image in monochrome

Prints must be a minimum of 10″ on the longest side, eg. 8 x 10″, 8 x 12″ or bigger.

The prints must be mounted and your number (not name) written on the back.

If there is a doubt as to which way up your print should be, then put an arrow on the back to show the judge the correct orientation.

No framed images (in glass frames please) only mounted


 The committee will be responsible for selecting judges for all NMPS competitions.  There will be a pool of approved IPF affiliated judges to select from.  For league competitions there will only be a single judge. For photographer of the year there will be three judges.  Judges will be briefed on the theme of each competition and shown any brief that is given to members.  The scoring system of the relevant competition is also explained to the judge.  Judges are informed of the grade structure of relevant competition and whether images from different grades are mixed together.  Judges are also advised that any commentary on images is to be as constructive and objective as possible.  The decision of the judges is final and no discussion is to be entered into with the judges regarding their decision.  If a member has an issue with any aspect of the judging it must be submitted in writing to the Chairperson at







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