It’s our final night members and you are asked to let your imaginations take flight and fill the room with love… All you need is love and maybe your cameras! But you may have guessed the theme for the night is LOVE, PASSION AND ROMANCE. The society was created from a love of photography and sharing our knowledge so now we want to share this explosive night with you.

This will not be the usually “you need to be here request” it’s entirely up to you if you are interested in photography and the society you will come along but we are not forcing members to leave their warm fires to come to our final night of the season, but it would be nice because after this, this night this event we will never be reproduced, staged or recreated again.

A MEMBERS ONLY NIGHT It’s a one-time only offer. We simply request everyone to meet Leo Murphy at the main gate of the Iona Hall at 8.15 please do not come late, if you intend on being late you will miss the shoot. We won’t be suggesting what equipment you bring it’s up to you there will be lighting! Heat! Passion! And Romance!!


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